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Dave in an action pose.

Hi, I'm Dave and I'm a Dublin based personal trainer who's been helping people hit their fitness goals for five years.

I'm an ITEC level 4 certified Personal Trainer, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach, and am currently studying FMS (functional movement screening). Continuous career development is hugely important to me as I want to give my clients the best possible outcome. My Goal is to firstly get clients moving well, then build up strength. With quality movement and consistency any goal is accessible. What's more, I firmly believe that the right balance between diet and training is the key to any targets you set.

Entering a gym or entering into an agreement with a personal trainer can be a big jump for people, I understand that and want to meet people at their fitness level and make them feel confident to progress. Training is never easy: results don't just come but the struggle brings the strength we need to achieve what we set out to do. However, it's fun! And I want to give you the tool set you need, I want you to enjoy every training session, and everything will be tailored to the level you are at and progressed over time. I can guarantee that everybody I work with will learn to move better, get stronger, and grow in confidence.

Dave in an action pose.

Dave's expertise

My main ares of focus are movement quality, strength and conditioning, and fat loss.

I help my clients make gains in these areas through functional movement screening, barbell, kettlebell & freeweight training, as well as HIIT (high-intensity interval training) conditioning work.

Of course nutrition plays a huge role and my Precision Nutrition training enables me to give the best advice to my clients. I pride myself on providing a great service through educating my clients on the importance of physical activity, nutrition, stress management and overall healthy lifestyle habits.

Training with Dave

My years of working with real people has helped me find the best method for success.

Training with me you can expect fun, hard work, variety, progression over time, and a true passion for your outcome. I'll listen to what you hope to achieve, we'll determine what level you're at, and then pick the right tools to get you to where you want to be.

The rule of 80/20 rings true over and over in fitness. 80% nutrition and 20% gym training, You'll only spend 3, 4 maybe 5 hours per week in the gym. What we do with the rest of our time is massively important. Nutritious meals and a good understanding of your diet will be key to getting you the results you desire. We're not robots, but the rule of 80/20 can always help us out. If 80% of the time we're putting the right food in our bodies, we're already on the path to success.

First Class Service

Every person comes to me with their own set of goals and reasons they want to achieve them. Deep down we all want to be a better version of ourselves, only when we put a plan in place and start to gain momentum do we start to really believe that these goals are possible.

My mission is to create the confidence and tools required for you to achieve, retain and continue to smash any targets you set.

Full Body Fitness

Quality of movement is most important to me. Only when we can combine quality movement with strength -- through the techniques I teach -- can we truly get the best possible results. Improvement in posture, core development, and injury prevention can only be improved through strengthening good quality movement patterns.

With strength and quality movement any goal is achievable.

Bespoke Training Plan

In order to achieve your goals consistency will be key, and if training is not fun consistency becomes an ongoing battle. The principles of progressive overload (continually progressing over time) need to remain within a training plan, however variety can certainly help to keep you on track.

Having worked in the fitness industry for over 5 years, I have plenty of experience and knowledge on how to keep training fun and interesting while keeping you progressing.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Nutrition needs to be simple: if its too complicated consistency becomes a problem. Having studied nutrition on a basic level (ITEC level 3) during my training certification, I was keen to gain more knowledge so that I can use it to empower the clients I work with. I have recently achieved the qualifiation of 'Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Certified Coach'.

Nutrition, like training, needs to be tailored to the individual. Without a good understanding it can seem confusing and daunting. It doesn’t have to be though, and I'm here to show you how!

Work To Your Schedule

Don’t go around in circles chasing your own tail. Training is fun but we want results for the time we have committed.

Not everybody can commit to full time training on a weekly basis, so if I can help with your training through a personalised program, with weekly or monthly check-ins, contact me and we can work together to make sure you hit your goals.

Fully Accredited

I am proud to have achieved the following qualifications and certifications:

ITEC logo

ITEC Level 4 Personal Training Diploma

Precision Nutrition certified coach logo

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

IWS certified lifeguard logo

IWS Certified Pool Lifeguard

Success Stories

From day one there are obstacles: a bewildered look of "you want me to do what?". But nothing is more satisfying than seeing the wry smile when a client realises they can do what you knew they could all along.

As we progress, there is always a moment when you see a spark behind a client's eyes; they realise they are capable of doing so many things they didn't believe possible. For a trainer it's a huge moment of satisfaction, but for you this is where the confidence really grows. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a client achieve what they set out to. There is always a moment when you recognise the initial success, but by then the goal has increased and the picture has become clearer. When you achieve what you set out to, by the time you get there your self confidence has grown and you realise you have set your goal post too low.

Stephen competing in muay thai after training with Dave.
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